Tailored Piano Tuition in Littlehampton

As a piano teacher, I get to work with many pupils and students willing to learn and further their skills as a pianist. From an initial piano lesson to full piano tuition over many years, my aim is to get each individual playing to the standard they want to reach. Each pupil or student has their piano lesson tailored to their individual needs with the aim of developing technique and ability.

My catchment area is Littlehampton and I find that many of my students are keen to travel to my own location in Worthing to undertake piano tuition.

I teach new pupils how to read music, nurture their talent and, hopefully, by the end of my piano tuition, have them playing fluently. At the end of each piano lesson, I will present you with little challenges to take back to Littlehampton so you can practice on your own piano or keyboard.

A Piano Teacher for Students of all Ages

My piano tuition starts with pupils as young as 4 and carries through to people in their senior years. As far as I’m concerned, you’re never too young or too old to start. My skills as a piano accompanist, matched with my teaching skills, can provide a stepping stone to help students take up the piano for fun, professionally or as a full-time musician.

The style of music you would like to learn is down to you. Whether you wish to play classical pieces by Chopin, Billy Joel-inspired pop, Oscar Petersen-inspired Jazz or the latest chart hits, I’m able to help you play exactly the type of music you already love.

Piano Accompanist in Littlehampton

Not only do I offer piano lessons and music theory to pupils from Littlehampton; I also offer piano accompanist services to vocalists, choirs, bands and musicians for recorded and live work. I also offer my services to help students prepare for music exams, auditions, live shows and recitals. I even work as a violin teacher, providing tuition to support the music theory lessons I offer to pupils of all ages.

For 25 years now, I’ve been teaching Littlehampton students piano tuition from my base in Worthing and I firmly believe that the main objective is to have fun in learning. For more information on piano and violin tuition, I am available to discuss your requirements in detail over the phone.

Call me today to book a piano lesson on 01903 267878. I cover Littlehampton and the surrounding West Sussex area.