Violin Tuition in Horsham from Debbie Leitch

My experience with the piano also extends into violin tuition. I currently have spaces available for pupils of all abilities who can attend a violin lesson at my premises in Worthing. Alternatively, I can travel to Horsham and provide tuition at your home. I am a highly experienced violin teacher and I work with musicians of any age.

If you are new to the violin, or if you already have some basic skills and would like to improve your technique and style, I can assist you. Each violin lesson covers music theory and I help my Horsham pupils by providing the building blocks of playing in easy-to-understand terms. Violin tuition with Debbie Leitch is fun and never a chore.

What to Expect from a Violin Lesson

Pupils from the Horsham area will immediately notice that a violin lesson with me is informal and relaxed. I love music and over time, I want you to love it too. I am a violin teacher who can take you where you want to go with your instrument, even if you’ve been learning for a number of years and feel you can go no further. My violin tuition could be the missing element that restarts your musical journey.

I prefer to make music theory simple and I break everything down into bite-sized pieces of information that provide complete clarity. Every violin lesson I undertake in the Horsham area is adapted to meet your age, your experience and your ability to learn. I set challenges at the end of each lesson so that you continue learning until our next appointment.

Meeting the Challenges of Violin Tuition

If you have never played an instrument before, or if you are new to the violin, I understand that you may find the first lesson a little challenging. Even with the regular help of a violin teacher, it can take time to carry a recognisable tune. New students in Horsham who are prepared to work hard and put a little effort into learning will soon be rewarded as their skills begin to grow under my tuition.

I can provide a structured violin lesson anywhere in Worthing or Horsham for pupils aged five-years old and upwards. I am fully qualified and my ability to help students by playing fun games during each lesson has made by services especially popular with those of a younger age. All piano and violin lessons are affordably priced.